The data collected by the control units produce information that can be accessed through the web platform and the smartphone application.



Real-time data monitoring:

  • air temperature and humidity

  • precipitation

  • solar radiation

  • wind speed and direction

  • potential and crop evapotranspiration

  • foliar wetting

  • soil temperature and soil moisture

  • soil water potential

  • soil electrical conductivity

  • water delivered by irrigation

  • fruit size


    Geolocalised weather forecasts for the next 48 hours, temperature and humidity, precipitation, wind direction and speed.


      Graphs are generated from directly measured and/or calculated parameters, such as potential/cultivation evapotranspiration, or minimum/maximum/average daily temperature trends.


        Each individual parameter can be alarmed by setting thresholds, above and below which an alert is sent to the email address or displayed directly on the web portal.


          iFarming – Monitor is the complementary application to the web portal for viewing data through smartphones and tablets.
          It can be downloaded for free and is available for both Android and iOS.

            API SERVICE

            API rest service for data integration with third-part integration.